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Photograph of Ninja Sex Party members: Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht

Ninja Sex Party is a rock band who has been at the forefront of American musical comedy for the past decade. Originally meeting through mutual friends at The Upright Citizens Brigade school in 2009, singer Dan Avidan (a.k.a. Danny Sexbang) and theoretical physicist / piano player Brian Wecht (a.k.a. Ninja Brian) conceived of an act where a Jewish superhero with no powers and his ninja best friend would write and perform songs about unsuccessfully trying to find love.

Much to their own amazement, this idea caught on, and they soon built a reputation as one of the funniest comedy acts in the city. In 2011, they put out their first album NSFW, a collection of individual singles they’d released over the past two years, and began to play comedy festivals outside of New York. Since then, the live-band grew to include 6-members, a light show, and occasional appearances by an inflatable dinosaur. Word spread quickly from that point on, and NSP has continued to “wow” audiences across the world, playing over a hundred sold-out shows in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Over the course of their 13-year career, NSP has released 7 original albums, 3 cover albums, and over 50 music videos. They were Billboard’s #1 selling comedy act in 2018 and have amassed over 290 million views on Youtube.

Dan and Brian are incredibly grateful for their enthusiastic and loyal fanbase and hope to continue playing Ninja Sex Party music until the Earth explodes…or they start feeling weird being grown men who wear spandex suits and ninja costumes. Whichever comes first.

Profile image of Dan Avidan

Ninja Sex Party Band Member and Internet Personality
Dan Avidan

Dan Avidan is a singer and comedian who provides lead vocals for Ninja Sex Party. The musical comedy duo has released seven albums, including Strawberries and Cream (2013) and Under the Covers (2016), since 2011. Avidan performs under the stage name of Danny Sexbang with collaborator Brian Wecht, also known as Ninja Brian. Avidan met Wecht through a mutual friend, and the duo has been performing in front of audiences worldwide for nearly a dozen years. Their YouTube channel has 1.33 million subscribers. They also work together with Arin Hanson on a side project band called Starbomb. The group has released three Billboard-charting albums to date.

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Ninja Sex Party Band Member and Internet Personality
Brian Wecht

Brian Wecht is a musician, comedian, and theoretical physicist who is Ninja Sex Party’s lead (and only) keyboardist. In Ninja Sex Party, Wecht performs under the stage name “Ninja Brian”, along with Dan Avidan (aka Danny Sexbang) on vocals. Ninja Sex Party has released five original albums and three cover albums, and toured around the world, including North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. Their YouTube channel has over 1.3 million subscribers, and they have released nearly 50 music videos for both original and cover songs. In addition to NSP, Wecht and Avidan work with Arin Hanson on Starbomb, a video game-themed comedy hip hop group that has released three original comedy albums.

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